About us

I marriedmy Dream Man in May 2016 as part of my Dream Wedding. It was a wonderful and indescribable feeling!

The search for the Dream Dress was unfortunately quite difficult for me as a fashion and trend conscious woman. During the search for the wedding dress, the question of an overall wedding concept, of wedding colors, the motto or the central aspect of the location did not even arise. Apparently, they wanted to sell the dress and were not very interested in the overall picture. BUT…the overall picture is what remains – for the married couple, for the pics, the parents, friends and for the whole festive community!

That’s where the Concept Store stands for – I look forward to many individual brides and weddings and we are lucky to be a part of the preparations! The team of the Bridal Boutique consists of my very good friend and maid of honor and my husband.

My husband supports me in the background and my maid of honor takes care of the dream dresses, the consultation and the appointments together with me. It’s a pleasure to have you here! Just make an appointment