Zoe Rowyn Wedding Dresses

The Designer Corina Cuvela created a brand for the chic, bold, and minimalist yet sophisticated brides like herself.
She said, „our bride is definitely less traditional: she loves fashion, she wants a lot of choices, and she wants things fast.”

Founded in 2019 by Corina Culeva- a long time fashion industry actor, Zoe Rowyn was, like all great businesses, triggered by a personal need. Having always been distinguished by a strong personal style, Corina decided to make her own wedding dress, tailored to her needs and desires of a stylish modern bride. In the process, she discovered that she had much more to offer to the modern bridal market. An entire collection of minimalist yet sophisticated bridal gowns followed. The collection expresses the designer’s admiration for sensual simplicity, contrasting with whimsical details.