Sabina Motasem Bridal Dresses – Bridal Gowns

The label stands for high quality and fits perfect for brides looking for a clean and luxurious wedding dress. Dresses of pure silk and elaborate lace embody the style of a modern ballerina with clean lines and some vintage Hollywood. Sabina manufactures the high-quality dresses directly in her studio in London and thus guarantees the perfection of all parts.

The label Sabina Motasem is nationwide exclusively available in Baden-Baden and has been present since 2017 in Germany, UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

Sabina gained several years of professional experience in the fashion and marketing industry before she turned her hobby into a profession and founded the label Sabina Motasem. She designed a bridal gown for a girlfriend and after that, she was overwhelmed by the request for more clothes. The London label has won several prizes in the UK, including scholarships and the Wedding Industry Awards.