Catherine Deane Bridal Dresses – Bridal Gowns

Traditional manufacturing skills and the modern simplicity of the designs form the basis of the Catherine Deans designs. Every year this classical design is complemented by modern trends. Therefore you can see in the dresses always the opposites between textile and crafts, strength and fragility and old & new. Almost a bit like the balance between ying and yang :)

All these elements are combined to create wearable pieces that give women a sense of femininity, beauty and uniqueness. Catherine Deane also offers the possibility to mix skirts and tops / bodysuits and to put together unique wedding dress – wonderful bridal separates. After the dream wedding, every single piece can be combined separately and used again and again.

Catherine Deane was born in Ireland and grew up in South Africa. Her dresses are inspired by life sections in London and Hong Kong. In her designs, you can find cultural references to the nomadic lifestyle and the passion for long-forgotten manufacturing skills.